Build to live.


Fundabitis is an Apulian based brand with over 20 years of combined experience in the building industry and vacation rentals management.

We build strong relationships with our clients to give a personalised experience from initial design, to finished product. We have a full team on board to ensure that we create luxurious spaces of the highest quality per personale use or investment. We only use clean, organised, transparent, trusted, friendly and skilled tradesmen, to make you feel comfortable at home. We want you to feel as proud as we are of our work and recommend us to your closest friends and family members. Our goal is to leave your home with a flawless finish that we can both be proud of. Our mission is also to ensure our clients are in their home and enjoying their new environment as soon as possible. Thus, we believe in only taking the time that is necessary to complete a project, whilst ensuring that we do not compromise on the quality. When designing and working on a project, we always ask ourselves, 'how will this impact our client?' If at any point, we consider our decision does not or will not enrich our clients' lives, then we will always find a better solution as quickly as possible.